3 floors tulip fountain basin

5 085,95$

Diameter72po. - 182.88cm

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Maintenance advice

Les Ornements Léonard Da Vinci VII inc. have a very high quality product line. However, there is an interview to be done to protect them from our changing climate.

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Fountains and bird baths:

In the fall, before the freezes, empty your water basins and store in a place protected from snow or empty water, remove the statue and the pump, if possible, for storage. Then fill the bowl (s) with absorbent material such as a burlap bag, blankets, etc. Then, cover the entire fountain with polythene.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that it will not tear during the winter. If condensation droplets form inside, they will be absorbed by the material.

One year warranty

Against any manufacturing defect: Chipping paint or the disintegration of a part. If there is breakage or disintegration due to poorly maintained parts, the parts will not be exchanged. Please note that parts will only be exchanged upon presentation of the customer’s invoice.

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